To see people, stay healthy by using ECO friendly products and preserving the planet for the next generation.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected organization providing unmatched, continual and quality products through our trusted business partners with the aim to provide healthy living to people and to protect environment. 

Our Mission 

Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the market.

To see people stay healthy by using eco-friendly products and by preserving the planet for the next generation. 

Our Values

Customer centric
Involvement of people
Process approach
Strive for continuous improvement
Realistic approach to decision making
Mutually beneficial business relationships 


Founder & CEO, Springfield Group

Yousef Khalifa Salem Abdulla Al Yaqoubi

A UAE national having more than 30 years of combined experience in Business Management, Hospitality and various Project Management endeavors. He has been actively involved in setting up various new business and acquisition of ongoing businesses.
Spring Field General Trading LLC commenced its operations in August, 2020.
The fundamental business model is Trading and focuses on trade with Overseas and Domestic Partners. 
We are into importing and distribution of Food Stuff and Eco-Friendly products.
We engage in business with the aim of enhancing our functions in accordance with customer needs and expanding our business regions utilizing expertise cultivated in our trading business.

General Trading

Import & Export

Distribution & Marketing

Why Bagasse products?

Fully degradable pulp tableware and environment friendly packaging materials. As environmental problems become increasingly prominent, people’s awareness of environmental protection in the process of production and consumption is also constantly strengthened. In addition to daily purification equipment, low-cost cooling equipment and other kitchenware and electrical appliances, it has gradually been refined into food packaging materials. Following the health trend, the food industry is also trying to revolutionize food packaging, making natural and renewable materials into the characteristics of packaging materials to adapt o the current market consumption concept.


Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic containers because they are completely compostable. Faster decomposition can be achieved if the bagasse container is broken to smaller pieces.

Thermal resistant and can hold hot food up to 95 degree Celsius.  Microwave safe can be used to reheat food.

More durable and firmer than polystyrene containers due to the fibers texture. They have insulation properties that retain heat for a longer time compared to paper and plastic containers. Bagasse container and plates are water and grease resistant and there for increasingly used for food consumption.

Why Palm Leaf plates?


Health is a source of happiness. There are several ways to be healthy. Most of the doctors will recommend their patients to maintain a healthy life cycle either by maintaining a healthy diet or by a proper exercise. Likewise, eating healthy foods from natural plates matters a lot. All natural products ensure safety from all harmful chemicals and allows people to avoid risky additives and it helps us to get rid of deadly disease. Eco-friendly products which benefit our earth and human’s life.

Advantage of Areca leaf plates:

  • Disposable, eco-friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Leak proof, naturally hygienic & odorless
  • Do not alter the taste of the food on the plate
  • Handy lightweight but high strong
  • Most heat tolerant disposable plate
  • Use and throw, non-toxic
  • User friendly & Economical 
  • 100% Organic
  • Suitable for microwave up to 350 degree and freezer friendly
  • Well suited for cold/hot/oily foods
  • No chemicals, no bleach and no polish.

Coconut Oil

Health benefits of Coconut Oil

The unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil may have positive effects on your health, such as boosting fat loss, heart health and brain function.

In a word coconut oil is a body-friendly foodstuff that is heart-healthy, great for oral health and other health benefits. Structurally, coconut oil is taken from coconut kernels. It is tasteless and colourless and is available for consumer usage in refined and unrefined coconut oil. 

  1. Contains healthy fatty acids
  2. Boost heart health
  3. Encourage fat burning
  4. Raise HDL (good) cholesterol
  5. Protect your skin, hair and teeth
  6. Helps boost brain function in Alzheiner’s disease
  7. Helps reduce harmful abdominal fat
  8. Acts as an anti-aging component.


Springfield General Trading LLC
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M/s Spring Field General Trading L L C
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M/s Spring Field General Trading L L C
Plot 25, Sector M 39, Warehouse No 9
Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE


+971 2 631 6888
+971 2 626 1263

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